With bases in North America, Europe and New Zealand, Friendship Films is a film and television production / development company utilizing the varied skills of its principle partners.

As well as it’s own projects, the company also supplies its expertise and experience in international co-production to third parties.

Robert Sidaway
Writer, Producer, Director

David L. Snyder
Production Designer, Producer

Ashley Sidaway
Writer, Producer, Editor

John Rapp

Grace Xu
Executive Finance



Partners & Associates

Chang Yi Pictures
film and TV production company based in Beijing and Los Angeles
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Richard Goudreau / Melenny Productions
film and TV production company based in Montreal
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Roger Brewitt / Peregrine Film Services
completion bond / insurance / production services

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Eunoia Publishing
publishing company based in Auckland
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No Sex Please, We’re Wolves

  On reading the recent memory piece of the 1974 League Cup Final, and then watching the recent great League Cup game Wolves and Man City played, so many memories came tumbling back from that now distant day at Wembley, for both myself and son. But for the heroic display by the City goalkeeper Bravo, so reminiscent of the Pierce goalkeeping display forty three …