With bases in North America, Europe and New Zealand, Friendship Films is a film and television production / development company utilizing the varied skills of its principle partners.

Robert Sidaway
Writer, Producer, Director

David L. Snyder
Production Designer, Producer

Ashley Sidaway
Writer, Producer, Editor

John Rapp



Partners & Associates

Difei Zhou / Chang Yi Pictures
film and TV production company based in Beijing and Los Angeles
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Richard Goudreau / Melenny Productions
film and TV production company based in Montreal
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Roger Brewitt / Peregrine Film Services
completion bond / insurance / production services

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Eunoia Publishing
publishing company based in Auckland
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Generation Icarus – Air Born

GENERATION ICARUS — Media Interviews With the pubication of the first book, Air Born, author JL Pawley is featured on TV show Seven Sharp – October 13, 2017 JL Pawley, author of Generation Icarus books, interviewed on TV show The Cafe – October 10, 2017