Love You More

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a musical drama series
with a Technicolor look!

A story that’s got the feel of “ The Gilmour Girls” and gives a nod to “La La Land”.

A life affirming journey of a dad and his kid, in a world of classic and original songs, comedy, tears and a lot of smiles.

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“It’s like a really weird friendship…”, 14 year old Kate tells a friend at school!

The friendship is with her father, 34 year year old divorcee Jim, an actor.

Kate had loved visiting with her Dad on a regular basis, but this teenager never imagined she was going to be sharing James’s roller-coaster life on a permanent basis!

It’s all about the highs and lows of a very special relationship between a generous, but insecure man, determined to make a success of his acting career. He’s struggling to make a living as he dreams of success and starring in movie musical.

His good-natured bright and gangly daughter, is herself struggling to come to terms with her hormones, as well as the insecurity of her father’s unpredictable life-style.

It’s always hard to know who is the wiser and more practical of the two!

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The story is located in New York, moving at times due to Jim’s’ acting jobs, and then it’s single dad and daughter on the road together.

It all starts with Kate’s mother leaving for a good job in a Seattle bank, and the young girl joining her father as he’s about to open in an off Broadway show that’s not too hot!

As Kate says to her father – “Never mind this stupid show dad,  right now our life seems to be a even stupider!”

How are they going to cope? What happens when school starts and Jim’s got a part out of town? Will Kate’s worried paternal grand-parents get her into boarding?

Although Jim’s colourful actor friends always rally round – to Kate’s confusion – big adjustments have got to be made to their lives and as their togetherness becomes permanent.

“Love You More”, is about a very special relationship – it’s not actually weird at all!

Watching from the wings


JIM O’CONNER is a sometimes working actor, and father to KATE, his teenage daughter.

Jim met her mom at the beginning of their first year at University. Jim studying for an English degree, she for Economics. Their affair resulted in an un-planned pregnancy, but they went on to fall in love and marry. Kate was born to loving parents in their early twenties. They were separated and divorced by their late thirties!

Jim comes from a financially comfortable and perfect family, but his acting career has never been approved by his parents. His intermittent work is not rewarding in terms of supporting their granddaughter. They weren’t happy at his marriage at such an early age, but they adore Kate. While her mom’s widowed mother adores her handsome son-in-law. She’s an Ethel Merman! And the in-laws have never been close!

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Kate has lived with her mom for the last four years, but seen her dad regularly. They are both devoted to her, and she is close to them both. It’s been a big help to her that they have remained friends, albeit at a distance.

But Kate is not an easy daughter, as she’s finding her teen years pretty tough. Not helped by her mother’s practical approach to life, her heavy work load, and her sometime relationship with an high-flying business tycoon…

…and certainly not helped by the up and down life of her dad, in his world of theatre and movie dreams, and his colorful and in main good friends, that parade in and out of his life.

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She has been finding her mom boring but secure, her father exciting and totally insecure!

With her mom she’s into a safe daughter relationship, with her father it’s like a real friendship and at times a loving burden for her – but she always feels special when she’s with him, as he always listens to her.

Kate’s paternal grand-parents are always in contact, and are proud and supportive of their only grand-child. They dearly hope that their son’s only child will not heap disappointment on them, like he did after achieving a top degree — and then became  ‘a damned bloody actor!’

Kate sees little of her extravagant maternal grand-mother. But when she is about, Kate loves the fact that she thinks her dad’s ‘ a top man, a lovely looking guy, he should be a star’!


“Love You More” starts just before the curtain rises on a pretty lousy Off-Broadway musical.

And it’s an on-going story of how a father and daughter cope in their world of troubles, insecurities and dreams.

The ‘optimist’ and his ‘wise-soul ‘ daughter together facing life’s adventures bravely.

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