Roger Brewitt / Peregrine Film Services

Roger has a 30 year banking background, mainly in Treasury operations. For 7 years he was Chief General Manager and Director of Deutsche Bank in Australia as well as Director Sydney Futures Exchange and a founder of the Sydney Futures Exchange Clearing House.

In 2004-5 Roger established a Completion Guarantee company in Australia called “Media Risk Management”. It was underwritten by Santam Insurance (South Africa) and the business was placed with Lloyd’s in London.

In 2011, Roger was asked to represent European Film Bonds, Denmark (EFB) and he established their brand in Australia, New Zealand and the west coast of North America (L.A. & Vancouver).

Roger has also written business in Toronto, Montreal and a few southern states of the USA.

In 2015, Roger bonded the first New Zealand-China co-production “Into The Rainbow” aka “The Wonder” written and produced by Robert and Ashley Sidaway.

In 14 years and having personally bonded more than 60 films, Roger has never had a claim.

Because of a growing demand for across-the-board assistance by Western Independent Producers seeking to enter into co-productions with Chinese Producers, Roger established “Peregrine Film Services” (PFS) in Beijing and Hong Kong.

PFS is a total service company, assisting Western Producers to break through the legal and cultural differences in China and to help them integrate with their Chinese co-production partners.


Roger Brewitt
China Mobile: +86 155 1062 1232
Australia & International Mobile: +61 439 955 008
US Cell: +1 567 277 7667

Chinese please contact WANG, Simmy, Beijing