Richard Goudreau / Melenny Productions

After 20 years of making a name for himself as a successful film distributor, Richard Goudreau started his production company, Melenny Productions, in 1993. The company first produced a number of family films sold in more than 60 territories, including the Disney Channel in the US. The movies featured talent such as Malcolm McDowell, Burt Reynolds, Joe Mantegna and also introduced Elisha Cuthbert and Ryan Gosling.

In 1997, Goudreau produced “The Boys”  based upon his original story. It was the first in a series of five features that broke all box office records and made history in Canadian cinema.  Between 1999 and 2002, The Boys I, II and III won the Golden Reel at the Genies Awards of the Canadian Academy.  When released, Boys IV also reached the number one at the box office. Between 2007 and 2012, “The Boys” became one of the most popular television series during it’s five seasons on air. In 2013, Goudreau wrote and directed his first feature film and the fifth in “The Boys” franchise – “Once upon the Boys” – released at Christmas, it was once again a hit at the box office.

In 2004, he took on the most ambitious film project in Quebec’s history, with the $38 million budget “Nouvelle France”, a co-production with UK and France. The historical drama boasts an international cast featuring Gérard Dépardieu, Tim Roth, Vincent Perez and Irene Jacob, and shot in both English and French. In 2008, he co-produced “Sticky Fingers” directed by Ken Scott (“Delivery man”) and “Territories” a co-production with France.

In 2014, he produced “The Elephant Song” directed by one of the best directors in Canada, Charles Binamé and written by Nicolas Billon. The film features Xavier Dolan, Bruce Greenwood, Catherine Keener and Carrie-Ann Moss.  The film won best screenplay at the Canadian Awards and at the Writers Guild of Canada.  Binamé won best director at the Directors Guild of Canada.

Goudreau is currently in development on several projects which will add to his growing list of successful film and television productions.  One of them is the English remake of the first “The Boys”.

Besides his work as a producer, Goudreau is very active on different panels of discussion on national and international levels. He is a founder member of the Independent Producers Group of Quebec, that reunites eight of the leading production companies in Quebec. They are also the only members in Canada of the European Producers Clubs.