Robert Sidaway / Ashley Sidaway

Wrote and co-produced the 3D family film “Into the Rainbow” shot in China and New Zealand, as an official independent co-production. U.S Premiere: Savannah Film Festival 2017. To be released across China as “The Wonder: Chasing Rainbows”.

Producers and writers of feature films, television and theatre, working for major Hollywood studios as well as producing independent productions. Feature films include: “Rainbow” — the first ever all digital feature film with Sony– “Nouvelle France”, “Joy Division”, “My First Wedding”, “Burn Hollywood Burn”, “Day of Wrath”, “The Woodlanders”, “Modigliani”, “Dievu Miskas”, “Silence Becomes You”, “School for Seduction” and they developed “Hell Drivers” for MGM, “The Day The Earth Caught Fire” for 20th Century Fox and “Legacy” for Trilogy Entertainment / Warner Bros. In total they have supervised and created independent film productions in excess of US$500 million.

Also as award winning producers / writers / editors on hundreds of hours of television including: “Best Of British” (BBC / 5 seasons), “World Of Hammer” (Channel 4), “The Optimist” (Channel 4 / 2 seasons), “Game Of The Century” (BBC), “Going For Gold” (NBC), “Search For Tomorrow” (NBC), “Wicked Willie” (Channel 5), “Chuck the Eco Duck” (13 eps) and “Dark Knight” (Channel 5 / 2 seasons) “Witness” (13 eps) as well as various music videos and ‘specials’ including the feature length “Genesis” (BBC).

In theatre, involved in seven West End productions and numerous tours, including international. Productions include: London’s “No Sex Please, We’re British” — the world’s longest running comedy — “The Magistrate”, “Abelard & Heloise”, “The Wild Duck”, “Loudest Tears In Town”, “Darling Mr. London”, “Birds Of A Feather”, “Joseph & His Technicolor Dreamcoat” and “Anastasia” in London.

Pioneered Solid State HD filming with the Sony High Definition company at Sony Studios in Hollywood. Produced the first all digital film to be released worldwide (see Wikipedia).

Advisors and consultants to production companies in the UK, and on co-production finance and ‘soft’ investment opportunities in Europe, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.