You were not at your desk.You were out on an errand.Your partner tells you there’s a call-back message from a ‘Fred Smith’ in Canada. The call you have been waiting on for many weeks. Dammit, it’s too late in Canada to call back, so not a good night’s sleep. You call back at six am. ‘Fred’ is out but his associate gives you the news – reluctantly they are passing, they love it but not for them at present.

So it’s another jolt of disappointment and a new wave of depression on the way. And a lot of black coffee. You’ve been searching for the end money of the finance for your movie for months, and you started working to get it into production over three years ago. So now you’ve had enough, you want to give up, move on. Where could you go next. So many talents attached to the film who are depending on you. All believe in the script. You’ve invested so much time and money creating the possibility of realizing your dream – your latest crazy venture!

Family and friends are still supportive. But somehow their comfort and encouragement doesn’t seem to help anymore. You feel you are wrong and selfish to continue single-minded against the odds to make the movie happen. You are sensing it’s time to move on. It’s been four years of your life without financial security for your loved ones.

‘If only’ – only twenty percent of the budget missing – ‘if only!’

The day seems an eternity, but life doesn’t seem so cruel after walking and talking to the dog, and two bottles of wine. You face your computer again and trawl through industry news and latest e-mails.Amongst there’s a short snappy one from the agent of the Director attached to the film, stating that he’s been offered a TV series. Another drink is needed.
Then the phone rings out, and there’s a cheerful voice talking to you. It’s a sales company you talked to over a year ago. A new team in place, and asking if you are still interested in them taking on your movie. And they can give you a bankable guarantee against sales estimates to countries worldwide.

From out of dark despair, you are jolted into the reality of a world full of gold.

You tell the dog and all the family, you thank the heavens and it’s a celebration at the local Italian.

Your movie is financed at long, long last!

To Be Continued…


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